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American-Record-Guide-January-2016 .VERDI: Opera Paraphrases Arcadio Baracchi, fl; Andrea Trovato gennaio 2016


VERDI: Opera Paraphrases
Arcadio Baracchi, fl; Andrea Trovato, p

Tactus 850001—62 minutes

A while back (Jan/Feb 2013), I heard a pro- gram of Verdi operatic fantasies by the Italian

flutist-composer Giulio Briccialdi (1818-81). It was played very well by Raffaele Trevisani and Paola Girardi, and will certainly be of interest to anyone considering this. There is only one Briccialdi treatment here, and it isn’t duplicat- ed on the other—believe it or not—so this pro- gram does have uniqueness in its favor. This is the first recording of most of these selections, and should supply a good refreshing drink if you thirst for arpeggiation and boom-chick accompaniment.

Six of them come from largely forgotten 19th Century performer-composers such as Emanuele Krakamp and Cesare Ciardi, but one is by a living figure. Paolo Furlani’s Varia- tions on A Masked Ball lightly uses some con- temporary techniques but offers nothing par- ticularly special otherwise.

Baracchi plays with excellent control, superb technique, and a beautiful sound. From the piano, Trovato’s support offers just what is needed, with imagination, variety, and long stretches of patience.


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