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Fabula ut was born as a collection of nine fairy tales in the form of poetic improvisations for voice and imaginary flute, so that the poet glimpses a fantastical way to escape, together through the spoken word, towards differing unfinished scenarios. The verses and stanzas expand and contract in an attempt to anchor each moment of the story to the more consistent sound in a continuous recourse of sense and nonsense of the word, word which tends to dissolve and then emerge again almost redounding. A poetic fairy tale that does not end and that instead opens up new fairy tales and new sounds, the enigmatic and crystalline vibration of the word itself. Berdondini’s poem brings together the compositions of ten musicians who combine ten distinct flute pieces with each single Fabula ut tale. They are classical music pieces that sometimes anticipate, follow and sometimes accompany the reading of the poem in a new previously unheard formula. The unique feature of this reading/concert lies in the relationship that will be established by the coming together of the texts; although dissimilar in both their movement and the single fairy tales of one single poet and ten distinct compositions of ten musicians. Fabula ut is an original meeting of music and literature.

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